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Celebrating Safety, Education and Future Leaders in Construction

ABC NH/VT was honored to host a celebration on June 8 recognizing the accomplishments of many companies and individuals in our industry.  ABC Construction Industry Safety Awards were given to 36 companies for their commendable safety performance. The 2023 ABC STEP Award was given to 7 member companies for demonstrating that they have gone above and beyond in all areas of health and safety excellence performance. There were 7 individuals honored for completing the Construction Supervision Certificate program and 29 graduates of the Future Leaders in Construction (FLiC) program. 

"It’s great to see so many of our members invest in their workforce and be committed to creating a safety culture of excellence," said Joshua Reap, ABC NH/VT president. 


Safety Awards demonstrate the Associated Builders and Contractors strong support of safety performance in full recognition of the fact that each firm has the responsibility for execution of safety and to ensure an overall safe workplace. There are several categories, following Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code major groups as well as Suppliers.

“Through this program, we recognize companies that exhibit a continued commitment to jobsite safety and whose safety performance and programs stand out,” said Reap. “Committing to a culture of safety creates the conditions for all to do their work without incident and go home safe and healthy every day. Today we recognize those efforts.”

General Contractor, Under 50,000 Personnel Hours
  • Charters Brothers Construction, 1st Place
  • Sullivan Construction, LLC, 2nd Place & Most Creative
  • Meridian Construction, 3rd Place & Most Improved
  • Turnstone Corporation, Honorable Mention
General Contractor, Under 100,000 Personnel Hours
  • Eckman Construction, 1st Place
  • Fulcrum Associates, 2nd Place
  • NorthPoint Construction Management, 3rd Place & Most Improved
  • Bonnette Page & Stone Corp, Honorable Mention
  • Cobb Hill Construction, Honorable Mention
  • HP Cummings Construction Co, Honorable Mention
General Contractor, Under 200,000 Personnel Hours
  • ReArch Company, 1st Place
  • PROCON, 2nd Place
  • Lewis Builders Development, 3rd Place & Most Improved
  • North Branch Construction, Honorable Mention & Most Creative
General Contractor, Over 200,000 Personnel Hours
  • DEW Construction, 1st Place
General Contractor, Over 300,000 Personnel Hours
  • PC Construction, 1st Place & Most Creative
  • Methuen Construction, 2nd Place
Heavy/Highway Contractor, Under 50,000 Personnel Hours
  • R.M. Piper, Inc., 1st Place
Heavy/Highway Contractor, Under 100,000 Personnel Hours
  • Leighton A. White, Inc., 1st Place
  • Andrews Construction Co., Inc., 2nd Place
  • St. Pierre, Inc., 3rd Place
Heavy/Highway Contractor, Under 300,000 Personnel Hours
  • Cianbro Corporation, 1st Place
Special Trade Contractor, Under 50,000 Personnel Hours
  • Multi-Weld Services Inc., 1st Place

Special Trade Contractor, Under 100,000 Personnel Hours
  • LHR Fire Protection, 1st Place
  • Rose Steel, Inc., 2nd Place
Special Trade Contractor, Under 200,000 Personnel Hours
  • Optiline Enterprises, LLC, 1st Place
  • Damon Insulations Co., Inc., 2nd Place
Special Trade Contractor, Over 200,000 Personnel Hours
  • Granite State Plumbing & Heating, 1st Place
  • Control Technologies, Inc., 2nd Place
Special Trade Contractor, Over 300,000 Personnel Hours
  • EnviroVantage, Inc., 1st Place
  • DECCO Inc., 2nd Place
  • Metro Walls, 3rd Place & Most Improved & Most Creative
  • Doucet Survey, LLC, 1st Place
  • Milton Rents, 2nd Place
  • Novel Iron Works, Inc., 3rd Place
  • LaValley Middleton Building Supply, Honorable Mention & Most Improved


The ABC STEP Safety Management System, the standard for developing world-class safety management systems in construction, is designed to help both large and small contractors evaluate every aspect of their corporate safety and health programs and identify opportunities for improvement.

The companies listed below have demonstrated that they have gone above and beyond in all areas of health and safety excellence performance. In addition to their commitment to world-class health and safety at the highest level of the organization, the leadership team is actively engaged in identifying new innovative ways to keep their employees healthy and safe.

Multi-Weld Services, Inc.
R.H. White Construction Co., Inc.


Structural Associates, Inc.

North Branch Construction
DEW Construction


Construction Supervision Certificate Program

The ABC NH/VT Construction Supervision Certificate program is designed and instructed by construction industry professionals and subject matter experts. Program participants learn how to better plan, organize, communicate, and monitor daily activities. Participants listed below successfully completed all 10 courses and were awarded a Certificate of Achievement in Construction Supervision.

  • Keith Henderson, Cormack Construction Management
  • Tom Webb, Cormack Construction Management
  • Ryan Bogolin, Granite Roots Construction
  • Shayne Carruthers, North Branch Construction
  • Justin Willette, North Branch Construction
  • Richard Williams, North Branch Construction
  • Steven Plante, Palmer & Sicard, Inc.

2022-2023 Future Leaders in Construction (FLiC) Graduates

From emerging leaders to established professionals, FLiC is designed for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on work and in life. Whether in the field or in the office, the shared experiences among participants from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences is one of the features that makes this program unique and impactful.

"It was another outstanding year. It's always exciting to see the progress over the course of the year," said Jennifer Landon, vice president of education and workforce development. "This year's Return on Investment (ROI) projects and presentations demonstrated the growth and development of these future leaders."

Here is a list of this year's graduates and their company sponsor:

  • Steph Marx, Cobb Hill Construction, Inc.
  • Nathan Alander, Cormack Construction Management
  • Greg Boelzner, Cormack Construction Management
  • Jason Fortier, Cormack Construction Management
  • James Hounsell, Cormack Construction Management
  • Matthew Smith, Cormack Construction Management
  • John Lavin, EnviroVantage, Inc.
  • Omar Lazu, EnviroVantage, Inc.
  • Cory Hildebrand, Fulcrum Associates, LLC
  • Nevin Houle, Fulcrum Associates, LLC
  • Mario Paradiso, Fulcrum Associates, LLC
  • Jeffrey Caillouette, Lewis Builders Development, Inc.
  • November Jalbert, Lewis Builders Development, Inc.
  • Jeremy Nicolaisen, Lewis Builders Development, Inc.
  • Richard Bouchard, North Branch Construction
  • Carlye Brandl, North Branch Construction
  • Liam Conners, NorthPoint Construction Management, LLC
  • Michael Cote, Optiline Enterprises, LLC
  • Karen Duffy, Optiline Enterprises, LLC
  • John D. Hanley, Optiline Enterprises, LLC
  • Brad Diver, PROCON
  • Kelsey Flinkstrom, PROCON
  • Ronald Salvatore, PROCON
  • Joel Witham PROCON
  • Zachary Dill, R.M. Piper, Inc.
  • Nicholas DiGeronimo,RediMix Companies, Inc.
  • Taylor Farrow, RediMix Companies, Inc.
  • Jeff Trovato, Team Engineering, PLLC
  • Jared Goudreau, Turnstone Corporation

Thank you to our sponsors for this year’s FLiC program:

Leadership Sponsor: Lewis Builders Development, Inc.
Team Sponsors: LHR Fire Protection, LLC
Lunch-n-Learn Sponsors: Fulcrum Associates, Inc., Methuen Construction Co., Inc.Optiline Enterprises, LLC

Thank you to this year’s FLiC facilitators, Dr. Sophia Koustas and Jennifer Landon. 

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