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Stephanie Marx, human resources/onboarding coordinator with Cobb Hill Construction, encourages young women to consider a career in construction. "It is fast paced, always evolving and the community involvement is great to be a part of," she said.

Caitlin Space, project manager with Noonan Brothers Painting has a passion for design/build. As a child, she loved playing with blocks and building forts, but it was not until high school when a math teacher persuaded her to try architectural drafting. From there her interest only grew and eventually led her to a career in the world of construction. Caitlin says there are endless opportunities in the construction industry for women. "You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort, think quickly on your feet, and sometimes get your hands a little dirty."  

Susane Gilbert, special projects support coordinator with North Branch Construction, grew up with her dad and brother working in construction. Growing up in this environment piqued her interest in construction where she's built a rewarding career. Her advice to women considering a career in construction is to find a company that empowers you to learn and grow. "Work alongside men and women with varied construction backgrounds who are willing to teach you so you can grow as an individual. Share your triumphs with other women and assist them in achieving their own goals.”

Jenn Avedisian, senior project manager with Chinburg Builders Inc., chose a career in the construction industry because she was ready for a change. "It was a field I was familiar with having grown up in and around the industry with my father as a home builder," she said. 

Meet Carlye Brandl, a subcontractor liaison with North Branch Construction. Her advice to women interested in a career in construction is, "There are so many different skills that are required for each project. Every person contributes. Be confident and vocal about your contributions and ideas."

The ABC New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter today announced 6 member companies were named to the Associated Builders and Contractors’ fifth annual Top Performers publication, which lists its contractor members that build the country’s most enduring, innovative, high-quality construction projects, ranked by work hours.  

Kayla Costa, Assistant Project Manager with Fulcrum Associates, chose a career in the construction industry because she wanted to do something different. "I wanted to break boundaries in an industry that is primarily male," she said.

“I enjoy seeing the results of my hard work and like to think that I have left an imprint in my community. I also enjoy teaching others to take pride and show respect for the industry.” -  Danielle Bombardier independent electrician and instructor at Northwest Career and Technical Center  

Amanda Savage choose a career in construction because of the people and the legacy in the industry. "There are a lot of self-made successful businesspeople in the industry who inspire me," she said. "It's wonderful to drive by a completed building and know that your company had a part in that legacy. There's a lot of pride in the industry."

“My advice for women who want to work in the construction industry is to just go for it. Women should feel empowered to do whatever they set out to do, regardless of the industry type.”  - Rheana Anderson, Project Manager Assistant, Cobb Hill Construction