The role of Human Resources is one of the most important roles to any organization and must be done correctly for success.

Whether you are a new HR professional or more seasoned, we're pleased to partnership with Bernstein Shur to offer an Employment Law Management Series covering important topics for your business. The January 12 training will be broken into four courses which may be taken all together or as individual topics. The topics covered are listed below.  Click here to RSVP.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring and Firing 

This session is a great refresher for anyone involved in hiring and covers the following topics: 

  • Appropriate interview questions 
  • Background checks 
  • Pre-employment medical and drug testing 
  • How to document appropriately 
  • Termination 

Employee or Independent Contractor – Avoiding Misclassification 

Employee or independent contractor – that is the question. Join us as we discuss the complex landscape of employee classification. During this session, you will learn: 

  • Strategies for properly categorizing your workforce as employees or independent contractors 
  • Ramifications of improper classification 
  • Strategies for managing independent contractors 

Top Labor Law Violations – Are You in Compliance?

This session is a great way to protect your company by ensuring you are in compliance with New Hampshire labor law. The session covers the top 10 violations cited by the NH Department of Labor (DOL), including: 

  • Pay practices 
  • Employment of youth 
  • Classification of employees (independent contractor v. employee) 
  • Employment of undocumented workers 

Drugs at Work 

Creating a drug-free workplace that is safe, healthy, and productive is every company’s goal. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling with issues related to employee drug and alcohol use and abuse. Join us as we discuss strategies to create and manage a drug-free workplace. This session covers several topics, including: 

  • Developing and implementing testing policies and procedures 
  • Handling employee performance issues 
  • Disciplining employees based on their drug z/or alcohol use 
  • Marijuana in the workplace 

Visit to register for the HR series and for a list of upcoming classes and events. Please contact Holly Shelly, Education Assistant, at, or 603-226-4789 for more information.