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NH Executive Order 17 Explained

Construction is deemed an essential business under the definition of a "Community-Based Essential Function".

Construction Workers who support the construction, operation, inspection, and maintenance of construction sites and construction projects (including housing construction).

Several other jobs are listed as well, so please take a moment to read through to find what's applicable to your unique business practices.

Click here to read the list.

This executive order makes it clear all businesses MUST develop strategies, procedures and practices to allow for social distancing protocols consistent with CDC and Dept of Health guidance. Workers with the ability to telecommute should do so.

For help complying with these standards we've developed resources for your company. Click here to access these materials and more.

The order shall remain in effect until May 4.

Myself and the entire ABC team remain committed to being a resource for you through this pandemic. We are all in this together. Please continue to reach out to us on this any any other issue effecting your business.

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