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Women in Construction

Olivia Slifer, Marketing Manager, WIC Week Profile 2021

My father has owned our business since I was 1 year old. I grew up in the industry and have always had a passion for design, architecture, real estate and the process of construction. I feel like it is in my blood and the only industry I'm truly passionate about.

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Kasey Tardif, Assistant Foreman, WIC Week Profile 2021

Kasey Tardif started as a laborer and obtained her OSHA 10 and not too long after got her OSHA 30. Then she started working in the safety aspect of her company and obtained her OSHA 500. 

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Kristin O'Brien, Director of Marketing, WIC Week Profile

Kristin's advice or women considering a career in the construction industry – "Go for it!  It is proving to be one of the most welcoming industries I've ever worked in."

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Heather Illick, Director of Marketing & Communications, WIC Week Profile 2021

Construction is a lucrative industry that will always be around, filled with complex and dynamic projects, several trades and career paths to choose from with options for remote, office, or field work.

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Lorie Lane, Safety Supervisor, WIC Week Profile

I love construction. It is always a changing environment and we get to work with great and talented people. I learn something new in the world of safety every day.

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Kristin Wells, Senior Project Manager, WIC Week Profile 2021

Construction is an industry that allows diverse activities, provides an ever changing environment and people to interact with. It allows me to utilize my organizational skills and my love of people to develop and execute construction projects with a high sense of satisfaction at the completion. It is never boring.

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Tara Eggleston Johnston, Sub & Vendor Relations Specialist, WIC Week Profile

You, just by being a woman, will bring a different dynamic to your interactions with subcontractors, vendors and teammates. That’s ok, different doesn’t mean less than or bad. Different just means not the same.

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Alyssa Mendez, Project Manager, WIC Week Profile 2021

"There are many things I enjoy about my career, but if I had to pick one thing, it would probably be at the end of the project when we can compare the design with the finished product."

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Shari Durazzano, Membership Director, WIC Week Profile 2021

Shari Durazzano’s role in construction is in building membership at ABC where she can share resources like education, safety, training, and networking. One of her favorite aspects of that role is hearing about and seeing the amazing projects member companies have built.

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