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Workforce Development

Implementing Innovative Technology Can Attract Workers and Bridge the Skilled Labor Gap

By Rory San Miguel - CEO and Co-Founder, Propeller Aero  Republished from Construction Executive, November 30, a publication of Associated Builders and Contractors. Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. The construction sector is knee-deep in a crisis. Like all industries, it has faced an acute labor shortage during the pandemic. There simply aren’t enough workers available to get roads built, buildings repaired and infrastructure refreshed. But while the pandemic may have turned a spotlight on the issue, the truth is the industry has been in a skilled labor drought for decades. According to Pew Research, STEM degrees grew by 68% from 2010 to 2018 alone, but the construction sector has not seen the proportional influx of skilled workers that today’s ambitious engineering and design feats demand. Now, as the bipartisan infrastructure bill sits poised to inject serious capital into the sector, fueling a wealth of new projects and contracts, companies that aren ... Read the rest of entry »

Beyond the Hammer - A Look at Careers in Construction

It’s not uncommon for people to envision construction as a building jobsite and the trades, however there are many other roles within a construction company that are just as important; roles you don’t see when you’re driving by a construction site. Hear from three professionals who have found their careers working behind the scenes in construction companies. 

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ABC NH/VT Announces New Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship

Workforce development is one of the biggest challenges facing residential and commercial construction companies. A new Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship will help address a shortage of carpenters in the state. 

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Mitigate the Crisis of Unskilled Construction Workers

Years spent building a business could be gone in a flash from one unfortunate failure to look carefully at what is necessary. Don’t take shortcuts in a tight labor market. Although many projects are done on a strict schedule, proof of insurance is one area contractors do not want to skimp on. There are simply too many instances when “getting around to it” happens too late (or never happens at all) and then, inevitably, it is too late.

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Stars Align for Salem High School Student and Legacy Mechanical Services

George Boudreau was a senior at Salem High School carpentry program (formerly the building trades program). With graduation not far off, he knew that he wanted to be in the construction industry. His family encouraged him to pursue plumbing, but he needed hands-on experience. With the help of his school's work based learning coordinator and I Build NH, he is now happily working with Legacy Mechanical Services. 

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How Your Company Can Get Involved in Careers in Construction Month

October is Careers in Construction month and a great time to look at career options. With a variety of opportunities for people with all backgrounds and education levels, the construction industry allows for zero barriers to entry, infinite opportunities for growth and competitive salaries.

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Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors to Increase Jan. 1, 2022

According to a DOL news release, the increase is a result of the DOL’s 2014 final rule, which implemented Executive Order 13658, Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors, and raised the hourly minimum wage paid by contractors to workers on covered federal contracts to $10.10 with annual increases thereafter.

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Construction Must Build a Bridge for Support to Prevent Suicide

The complex problem of suicide affects the entire country, though some industries such as construction are disproportionally impacted. Our industry can build a bridge to offer hope and encourage help-seeking across the nation. Read this Construction Executive article for more on this topic. 

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Jennifer Landon Sworn in as Vice President of NAWIC

Jennifer Landon, vice president of education and workforce development at the Associated Builders and Contractors of NH/VT (ABC NH/VT), was sworn in as vice president of the Granite State Chapter of National Women in Construction (NAWIC) for the 2021-2022 term at their 46th Annual Meeting held in September.

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NHPBS Video Series Designed to Explore Careers in the Trades

Partnering with Associated Builders and Contractors of NH/VT, NHPBS and I Build NH created a series of instructional videos launched this month that will tell the story of the trades through the voice of local tradespeople.

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