Commercial Craft Apprentices

Last week, ABC NH/VT held a reception to welcome students and contractors participating in our 2nd Vermont Commercial Craft Apprenticeship class which begins Nov. 17 2023. 

This year the apprenticeship program will include 19 students who will be placed at six companies, including DEW Construction, PC Construction Company, ReArch Company, HP Cummings, Kingsbury, and Bread Loaf. More than 30 people attended the welcome reception in support of the program. 

The following is the November 2023 CCA Class Student Listing: 

  1. Sierra LeClaire (DEW)  
  2. Allen Bushey (DEW) 
  3. Andrew Fiske (PC) 
  4. Joshua Newton(PC) 
  5. Cayden Yates (PC)
  6. Molly Metayer (PC) 
  7. Samuel Manchester (BreadLoaf) 
  8. John Champion (BreadLoaf)
  9. Carl Wheeler(Kingsbury) 
  10. Chandler Barnes (Kingsbury) 
  11. David Dennis (Kingsbury) 
  12. Trevor Hood ( Kingsbury)
  13. Davis Bodette (HP Cummings)
  14. Jason Sheldrick (HP Cummings) 
  15. Dylan Burke (HP Cummings) 
  16. Ollie Hurd (ReArch) 
  17. Dakota Ward (ReArch)  
  18. Ted Sheehan (ReArch) 
  19. Cody Blake (ReArch)                            

ABC NH/VT is addressing the workforce shortage locally by serving as the Sponsor of Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship programs in New Hampshire and Vermont. The apprenticeship programs address a critical workforce shortage by connecting employers with individuals interested in learning carpentry. Apprentices receive multiple years of on-the-job training and hundreds of hours of related instruction. We continue to see expanded interest in the programs and at the same time helping to address the workforce shortage.