Traditional college pathways continue to be pushed as the preferred route to a lucrative career. Degree seekers spend years learning while potentially racking up tens of thousands of dollars of college debt that must be paid back by a job that may not be in high demand.

In construction, there are more openings for craft professionals than there are individuals available to fill those roles. As a result, average hourly earnings are rising and career advancement opportunities are exceptional. Enrolling in a construction apprenticeship sets you on the path for success early on, and you can earn a living while building your foundation for tomorrow’s advancement opportunities in the industry.

Construction offers more than 20 career paths in specific trades like HVAC, carpentry and pipeline technicians. Apprenticeships help people find and upskill in the specific crafts they find fulfilling, giving them access to one of the leading sectors where workers report the highest levels of job satisfaction, according to a report based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey.

Associated Builders & Contractors NH/VT (ABC NH/VT) is addressing the workforce shortage locally by serving as the Sponsor of Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship programs in New Hampshire and Vermont. The apprenticeship programs address a critical workforce shortage by connecting employers with individuals interested in learning carpentry. Apprentices receive multiple years of on-the-job training and hundreds of hours of related instruction. I’m pleased to share that we have several dozen apprentices between the two programs. We continue to see expanded interest in the programs and at the same time helping to address the workforce shortage.

National Apprenticeship Week, Nov. 13-19, reminds us that apprenticeships are the best way to set yourself up for success from Day 1, and America should treat them as such.