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Nicole, a building trades student at Northwest Career and Technical Center in St. Albans, VT, started in the program at her school because she wanted to learn practical life skills that she couldn't learn by sitting in a classroom. Excellent teachers and classmates who feel more like family have inspired her. Three years later, she's nearing graduation and plans to pursue a career in the trades.

Eve Norris, senior vice president with PC Construction, says she truly enjoys the people she works with. "We have fun, work hard and like to build!" Her advice to women who want to work in the construction industry is simple, don't hesitate. "It is a great career with great people. Women are setting new standards and bringing fresh ideas to the industry. Our diverse perspectives and unique approaches are setting the bar, and I'm excited to be part of it."

Kim Lynch started her career with DECCO in an entry-level position. With training and on-the-job experience she was able to grow into her current position as an assistant project manager. Kim's advice to women in the construction industry is to always be motivated to learn from who you can, whenever you can. "The construction industry is filled with talented individuals who are knowledgeable, and most are eager to pass on their experience."

Caryn Morse, director of media and marketing with DECCO, Inc., chose a career in the construction industry because, in this field, you have the opportunity to help create something that makes an impact in the world. "I love driving by a completed building or project site and telling my kids, 'I helped make that happen!'." 

Kimberly Depelteau, assistant project superintendent with North Branch Construction, says she fell in love with "dirt" while interning for a civil engineering, land planning, & surveying company while studying mechanical and electrical engineering at Norwich University. She strongly recommends that women considering a career in construction should take advantage of apprenticeship/internship programs, be confident and take advantage of every opportunity for continuing education.  

Tiffany Stanewicz didn't envision herself with a career in construction, but it's where she landed and she couldn't be happier! Tiffany is a design engineer with Interstate Electrical Services. She says her favorite part of her career is seeing projects come to life. "I see them before they start, while they are in progress and when they are completed," says Tiffany. "Putting it on a drawing can be easy, but seeing what our team members in the field do to complete the project successfully is truly amazing."  Her advice to women considering a career in construction is not to be afraid to walk into the unknown. "I would not be where I am today if I didn’t. Build your confidence and build trust in your peers and managers. They are the ones who advocate for you when you aren’t around." 

Paige Wilber, a project engineer with The H.L. Turner Group, Inc., grew up in a family of engineers and surveyors. This experience and her interest in math and science led her to pursue a career in engineering. She says the most rewarding part of her career is the people she works with daily. To young women interested in construction, Paige's advice is not to be afraid to bring your voice to the table and add value through your own experiences. "At the same time, be open to learning and collaborating," she adds. "The best projects are the ones where the entire team can come together and work through issues with an open and flexible mindset."

Stephanie Marx, human resources/onboarding coordinator with Cobb Hill Construction, encourages young women to consider a career in construction. "It is fast paced, always evolving and the community involvement is great to be a part of," she said.

Caitlin Space, project manager with Noonan Brothers Painting has a passion for design/build. As a child, she loved playing with blocks and building forts, but it was not until high school when a math teacher persuaded her to try architectural drafting. From there her interest only grew and eventually led her to a career in the world of construction. Caitlin says there are endless opportunities in the construction industry for women. "You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort, think quickly on your feet, and sometimes get your hands a little dirty."  

Susane Gilbert, special projects support coordinator with North Branch Construction, grew up with her dad and brother working in construction. Growing up in this environment piqued her interest in construction where she's built a rewarding career. Her advice to women considering a career in construction is to find a company that empowers you to learn and grow. "Work alongside men and women with varied construction backgrounds who are willing to teach you so you can grow as an individual. Share your triumphs with other women and assist them in achieving their own goals.”