Succession Planning Series

Session I: Exit vs Succession Planning

Exit and Succession Planning Executive Briefing

  • What is Exit Planning and What is Succession Planning?
  • Why do this type of planning?
  • What benefits are gained by planning?
  • How is it done and who does it?
  • What does it take in terms of time, resources and cost?

Exit Planning Process

Owner’s Goals and Objectives

  • Timeline   |   Value   |  Successor   |   Process

Quantify Business and Personal Resources

  • Is there a Gap? How can it be addressed?

Protecting and Growing Business Value

  • Management incentives and retention strategies
  • Contracts
  • Systems
  • Compensation and Inventive plans
  • Value Drivers and Detractors

Business Continuity

  • What happens if the owner does not see the exit?

Session Two: Insider Transfers and 3rd Party Sales

  • Succession vs Exit Planning
  • Insider Transfers
  • Control vs Ownership
  • Price vs Terms
  • Stocks vs Asset
  • Price vs Taxes
  • Process, Timeline & Risks
  • Gifting and Trusts
  • 3rd Party Transfers

Session Three: Post Succession & Transitional Issues 

  • Integration with Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Loss of identity and letting go
  • Letting go and being happy
  • Transitional services and guidance
  • Seller notes, earnouts and risks      
  • Use of Advisors and Advisory Boards

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