Safety Leadership & Safety Practices

This course covers the supervisor’s role in jobsite safety, the true cost of accidents, and how to train and involve all employees in job safety. Participants will discover the skills and information they need to become effective safety leaders who are able to create a strong jobsite safety climate including best practices for deploying toolbox talks.


  • Explain safety responsibilities of project supervisors.
  • Determine the real cost of accidents, including direct and indirect costs.
  • Identify the basic components of a safety program.
  • Create and present toolbox talk.
  • Explain how to conduct a safety inspection and employee observation.
  • Describe how to address a worker who was observed performing an unsafe act.
  • Explain how to perform an accident investigation and complete the necessary report forms.
  • Identify the components of effective safety meetings.
  • Define qualified person and competent person.
  • Learn how to manage OSHA safety inspections.

NOTE: This is not an OSHA 10 Hour Outreach class. This course is focused on creating, managing, and enforcing safety policies within your organization while adding a layer of understanding and skill, for even those with OSHA’s 30 Hour Outreach training.

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