Pre-Construction Planning

Proper construction pre-planning can mean the difference between a job that comes in on time and under budget and one that negatively impacts your reputation as a contractor.  It can also mean the difference between a safe job and one that suffers serious accidents.  This course addresses many concepts that will assist in protecting workers, protecting the company and significantly assisting in compliance efforts.  In this 4-hour course, the instructor will provide a guide to be used in effective construction project pre-planning. 

Course Topics Include:
  • Timing of the planning sessions/meetings
  • Who should be involved in the planning process and when
  • Multi-timed planning sessions
  • Statistical analysis – Measures of success
  • Motivation programs—Encourage a positive safety culture
Major items to consider:
  • Estimating – Safety has a cost
  • Safety management needs, strategies, policies and programs
  • Site layout
  • Sub-contractor requirements
  • Specific and formal hazard identification and controls
  • Site evaluation
  • Emergency response

Who Should Attend?
  • Project managers
  • Project engineers – design, structural, electrical, civil, etc.
  • Architects
  • Superintendents
  • Forman and Leads
  • All safety personnel: directors, managers, officers, specialists


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