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Jonathan J. Edwards,
Granite Financial Partners

In the world of family business the balance between the goals of the business, stakeholders, and self are
difficult to navigate.  Many obstacles get in the way of ultimate success for all involved.  This article briefly
highlights the 10 most prevalent obstacles with #10 being the easiest to overcome.

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Internal Communications is key to employee relations

Effective internal communication programs are the life blood of successful companies. They connect the employees to the company and give them the reasons for why things have or will happen. When the mystery is gone, suspicions disappear.

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Who is going to perform my project and what are their qualifications?

Construction keeps America moving.  The price of every manufacturing facility, office building, hotel, power plant, school, hospital or any other building affects the price that must be charge for the goods or services produced in it or by it.  The impact generally persists for decades.  At a time when global competition demands efficiency and productivity to survive, cost effective construction service is critical to the health of our nation’s economy.

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Balancing Life and Work

All employers are experiencing the change in business climate and there is allot of talk about the “new economy”. Working harder and smarter is a constant. Confronting the demand for efficiency and productivity to be competitive and successfully win and perform projects is stressing employers and employees.

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Create a positive work environment to motivate employees

Employee morale describes the overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that employees feel at work. When employees are positive about their work environment and believe that they can meet their most important needs at work, employee morale is positive or high.

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Users and contractors must be willing to commit to and invest in craft Workforce Development
Improve Skills Shortages and Diminishing Productivity

It is abundantly clear that the lack of an available workforce is and will continue to impact the construction industry and contractors ability to perform and grow. Available, skilled craft professionals have diminished over time. Historically, expert craft professionals – through on-the-job interaction and mentoring – handed down many skills utilized by the next generation.

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Workforce Productivity essential to help confront labor shortage

Multiple sources report a growing need for skilled workers with little relief on the way. The Construction Labor Market Analyzer (CLMA), an industry tool that produces actionable, real-time craft labor market intelligence, predicts that by 2018, the construction industry will need more than 2 million new craft professionals.

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