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ABC NH/VT Announces Creation of Safety Committee to Enhance Safety Initiatives in the Community

ABC NH/VT is pleased to announce the formation of a new Safety Committee, founded this year by the Board of Directors. The goal of this committee is to create a world class safety culture in New Hampshire and Vermont. We’ll do this by engaging members and getting more of them using the ABC STEP program. The committee will also strive to promote the importance of safety in the construction workplace, develop training programs, and offer support and counsel for the ever-evolving safety regulations in the industry.

We encourage your participation and welcome your input to help shape the committee's contributions to our ABC community members. Anyone who is interested in safety and protecting workers on and off the job site is invited to join us. We are looking for a wide cross section of industry roles to serve on the committee. For example, we want safety directors, but could also use insurance experts, laborers, project managers and more. 

We welcome all ABC member participants and encourage questions at our meetings. Volunteering with the committee is also a great way to develop your skills and network with other industry professionals. 

The committee’s first meeting will be Tuesday, July 9 at 3:30pm at the ABC office on 58 Chenell Drive in Concord, NH.

58 Chenell Drive Route 106
Concord, NH 03301

Phone: 603-226-4789
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