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Women in Construction

The continuing rise of women in construction is evidenced on job sites around the country and here in New England, as more women enter the field. ABC NH/VT took time to interview a few leaders in the industry to find out what they attribute to their success and ask the advice they may have.

Ashley LeClair thought she'd be a marine biologist, but her mud truck racing hobby led her to welding. At Manchester Community College, she fell in love with the work & became involved in Skills USA and later hired at Methuen Construction Company.



The best advice Lynn Kramer ever got in the business was, “Never give up!” With over 30 years in construction, those words have served her well. To this day, she reflects, “I never wanted to do anything but construction.”

After college, she landed a job working for Whiting-Turner as a Project Engineer and worked her way up to a Project Manager. “It was a proving ground, so I learned my craft well and worked very hard,” she noted.


For the last 25 years, Karen Prince’s role at RM Piper, Inc has continually expanded. She now supports all operations of the business her father started nearly four decades ago and views her most important role as building a place where people want to come to work.

“There is something pretty special about people that commit themselves to working in construction. It is hard work, but it instills pride and you can really sense that," she says.


Michelle Delois is a CPA and has a background in public accounting. She spent many years preparing financial statements and audits of small and mid-size general contractors. Michelle shared that she “felt it was rewarding to have helped so many construction companies and at the same time it developed into a niche profession.” As the accounting industry changed to involve less face-to-face interaction with clients, Michelle found that she wanted to be “somewhere I could apply my niche experience in new ways to make a difference.”

That opportunity came when she joined Denron Plumbing and HVAC, LLC. Michelle’s confidence in her work is evident as she described her role as CFO. “I saw an opportunity to improve how we do business here. I work with our leadership team to think in new ways how we can bid jobs successfully. In some ways I changed the role the CFO plays in our business.”



Stacy Clark is a motivated, personable executive who grew up in the construction industry. Before starting Turnstone Corporation, she worked in the financial industry discovering through this professional development that she could utilize her construction background and financial business acumen to lead her own company.

For Stacy, the biggest challenge was being young when she started the business, but it was not a deterrent. Her best advice for anyone interested in construction is, “Be ready to work hard and show dedication. Those qualities will get you far in this industry. As long as you prove yourself you will do well in generally any business.”

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