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ABC Works with Commission to Study Business Regulations, Your Feedback is Important

In recent years, the State of New Hampshire as fallen from being the number one destination for business and jobs growth in New England. One of the principal reasons cited has been New Hampshire’s regulatory climate. In recognition of the need for New Hampshire to effectively compete in a regional and national market the 2011 legislative session established the Commission to Study Business Regulations in New Hampshire to study the matter and to make recommendations for legislative remedies while preserving safe work places and a safe environment. Associated Builders and Contractors was appointed to the Commission and has been represented at the meetings.
The goals of the commission are to:
(a)    Review New Hampshire’s business oversights that fall under the umbrella of labor and workforce regulations.
(b)    Review New Hampshire’s business oversights that fall under the umbrella of environmental and construction/permitting regulations.
(c)    Identify potential reforms that could be made to regulations cited above, and develop legislation to accomplish those reforms.
Two Subcommittees have been established, one dealing with matters involving Labor and Wages and the other involving Environmental (physical) issues and permitting. The subcommittees and the full commission meet each month. Several issues have been identified for legislation and the commission has issued an interim report of its findings and action to date. Already, at least 15 bills currently being debated in the 2012 session have been targeted by the commission (some were introduced as a result of the commission findings).
With the final commission report not due until October of 2012, there will be several more meetings and opportunity for discussion of recommendations for regulatory changes. All ABC members are encouraged to notify the ABC office about any issues that are a concern and that YOU would like to have considered by the commission. To date the discussion with regulatory officials and other participants at the commission meetings have been very productive and action oriented

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