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Do Not be Ambushed - Communicate

Effective internal communication programs are the life blood of successful companies. They connect the employees to the company and give them the reasons for why things have or will happen. When the mystery is gone, suspicions disappear. There are several forms of internal communications, including: 
Most companies spend money and effort on their external communications plan but fail to expand any energy toward creating an organized plan for internal communications. How well information is communicated both externally to customers and vendors and internally to employees is vital to long term business success. Communications occurs whether planned or not. Without an internal communication strategy the message received is left to chance. Often internal communications occurs reactively in response to a crisis or a major event deemed important to communicate to employees by management. This ad hoc approach to providing information is uncoordinated and inconsistent. In comparison, a consistent and open internal communication strategy is a proactive approach to developing better directed, more committed, and highly efficient employees.
Why does a company have to have effective internal communications? Why do supervisors need have good communications skills? Why motivate at all? People are being paid to do the job. Why should you be required to motivate them, it is their job to be productive and support the companies goals. Obviously it is not that simple. Everyone wants to feel they belong, that they are part of a team. This is especially true in construction work where employees from different employers work side by side and communicate all day long. Your employees need to feel valued, respected and important and the message that they hear and trust the most needs to come from you.

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