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Written Safety Program Requirements Revised

The NH Legislature has also passed legislation modifying the requirements for employers submitting written safety programs to the Department of Labor and establishing a joint loss management committee. The changes increase the number of employees an employer must have to submit the written safety program from 10 to 15 and to establish a joint loss management committee from 5 to 15 employees. The legislation also reduces the penalty that may be accessed for non compliance from $1000 per day to $250 per day. Below are the changes as passed in RSA 281-A:64, II-V, which will go into effect January 1, 2013.

II. All employers with [1015 or more employees shall prepare, with the assistance of the commissioner, a current written safety program and file this program with the commissioner. [The programs] After a written safety program has been filed, the program shall be [filed biennially with the commissioner on January 1] reviewed and updated by the employer at least every 2 years. (no change to the remainder of section II).

III. Every employer of [515 or more employees shall establish and administer a joint loss management committee composed of equal numbers of employer and employee representatives (no change to the remainder of section III).

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