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DOL Withdraws Solicitation containing PLA on Manchester Job Corps Project

On Thursday, May 24th, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) held a conference call with lawyers from ABC and the US Department of Labor (DOL) where they indicated which way they were leaning in ABC’s protest against the inclusion of a PLA requirement on the Manchester Job Corps project. The call was their way of avoiding writing an actual decision, since if they tell the parties which way they plan to decide the case, the likely loser has an opportunity to end the case now. During the call it was clear that the GAO was definitely leaning our way and in so many words told DOL that they should withdraw the PLA solicitation or else GAO will ultimately issue a decision declaring the PLA to be illegal.  DOL had until Thursday, May 31st to tell GAO (and ABC) whether they want to keep going with the case and get a published opinion from GAO. 
Great news! The DOL’s attorney advised GAO that they intend to take “corrective action” in light of GAO’s telephonic support of our protest. Specifically, DOL is withdrawing the Solicitation containing the unlawful PLA on the NH Job Corps center.  DOL will “evaluate their options” for what to do next with regard to construction of the project. Of course we are now hoping DOL will reissue the Solicitation without the PLA.  
Thanks to all members for your suppport and particularly the protesters (plaintiffs) for standing up for open competition!

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