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Reminder, Do Not Overlook ABC Cost Saving Opportunties -

Membership does not cost, it saves!

All businesses are focused on operating as efficiently as possible and seeking cost saving opportunities.  ABC has many tangible cost savings programs available to help support efforts to reduce operating costs.  65% of NH/VT members are saving 30% - 80% of their annual dues by participating in various cost savings programs.  Some highlighted programs that are of interest and being taken advantage of by many members include:
Phone and Data Service Discount (Verizon) - ABC has signed an agreement to offer ABC contractor member firms up to a 22 percent discount on monthly cell phone calling plans and data services. Family members of corporate subscribers that sign on to the ABC plan also will be eligible for discounts of 15 percent on their personal lines.  The ABC program applies to both existing and new subscribers.
Vehicle Discounts – ABC members can take advantage of the discounts on General Motors vehicles offered through ABC.  ABC members are eligible for discounts of between $500 - $1000 on cars, SUVs, trucks and vans.  It’s important to note that these discounts are over and above the best price from your favorite local dealer, including on top of any other GM incentive already in place!
Ford fleet customers can enjoy between $500 to $3500 savings in addition to their fleet program pricing.
Gas Discounts – ABC members get a 5¢ per gallon rebate at all Exxon or Mobile gas stations.  No card fee, no minimums, and all controls are managed by Exxon-Mobile Fleet Service.  Included are detailed, easy to read management reports for job costing and to track usage.
FedEx – Save up to 29% on overnight envelopes, packages and shipments.
Safety Equipment -  ABC has partnered with Airgas and Orr Safety, two of the leading providers of safety equipment, to offer these resources to ABC members
Airgas is one of the largest safety suppliers in the U.S. with $500 milion+ in annual sales.  ABC members will receive the benefit of pre-negotiated discounted pricing from Airgas that will offer up to a 30% discount on its extensive online catalog of personal protective equipment.
Orr Safety is the largest privately owned safety distributor in the nation that is completely dedicated to the safety market.  With Orr Safety, ABC members will receive the benefit of a 25% discount off the current list price of its safety equipment and products. 
Workers Compensation Group Trust - The ABC Workers’ Comp Trust was formed in 1994 in response to the rapidly rising cost and unpredictability of workers’ compensation insurance.  In 2012 the ABC Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Trust celebrated its seventeenth successful year.  Members shared in the distribution of nearly $800,000 in dividends earned as a direct result of their investment in safety.  During the last three years alone Trust members have received more than $2.4 million.  The Trust provides coverage to members representing more than $50 million of payroll.
Dental Insurance – ABC’s Wage & Benefit Survey showed that 75% of employers provide dental insurance and contribute on average 35% of the employee’s premium.  The survey showed that the average single monthly premium is $39 dollars; the average family monthly premium is $123 dollars.  Through ABC’s Merit Choice Dental Program many members are taking advantage of this big savings or now that it is affordable, making dental coverage available.
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