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Survey Provides Feedback

Thank you to all members who responded to our recent survey. The survey was conducted to gather feedback on current issues impacting your business and to forecast construction activity for the near future. Projected activity for sales, profit margins, staffing and sustained economic growth was included in the survey questions as well as feedback on ABC operations. We received a very good survey response, over 35% of our contractor members responded to the survey!
A summary of the responses to the first question … What are your Top Three Business Issues (open ended, not a pre-established list to check of), shows the following:
1.       Getting / Retaining Work
2.       Qualified / Skilled Workforce
3.       Health Insurance
Other responses ranked as follows:
4.       Regulations
5.       Profit Margins
6.       Cost of Business
7.       The Economy
8.       Collections / Retainage
9.       Financing  
In summary... 56.9% of respondents believe business sales will increase slightly over the next 6 months, 9.9% believe sales will increase significantly and 33.2% believe there will be no change or decreased sales.  
39.3% believe profit margins will increase slightly over the next 6 months, 3.9% believe margins will increase significantly and 56.8% believe there will be no change or a decrease in margins.  
45.1% of respondents believe staffing levels will increase over the next 6 months, 7.8% believe staffing will increase significantly and 47.1% believe there will be no change or a decrease in staffing over the next 6 months.
For complete survey results contact the ABC NH/VT Chapter Office
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