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ABC members can receive some of the best legal assistance that is available in the construction industry. ABC advances the merit shop principles, resulting in a stronger industry, and helps ABC members with practical advice when they need it. When unexpected legal problems occur, ABC members are eligible to receive an initial consultation with the Chapter's legal counsel.

ABC members can tap into many legal resources on labor law. ABC staff is well versed on labor issues and trends in the industry. ABC National's online library includes information on labor relations, tactics for dealing with union campaigns, Davis Bacon compliance, OSHA compliance and other issues.

ABC's government operation actively works with all levels of state and federal government to represent member interests. Fortune magazine recognized ABC National's efforts by naming it one of the "most influential" organizations in the United States. When companies join ABC, they immediately benefit from a grassroots network of contractors and construction related firms. Many of the leaders with these firms are active at the local, state and federal levels to elect, support and work with free enterprise lawmakers. ABC is the only construction industry association dedicated to addressing the needs of merit shop contractors. ABC member companies benefit from extensive representation before legislators concerning construction and small business related issues.

ABC actively works with state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure that the concerns of its members are addressed in the rulemaking process. Proposed regulations on issues such as occupational safety, procurement, job targeting, project labor agreements, permitting and others are carefully reviewed for their impact and ABC members frequently testify as expert witnesses.

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