Future Leaders in Construction

Future Leaders in Construction (FLiC)

The Future Leaders in Construction program has been developed recognizing that the future of your company and the construction industry is dependent on effective leadership. FLiC is offered at our ABC NH/VT Education Center in Concord, NH as well as at Central Vermont Career Center in Barre, Vermont. 

FLiC is designed as an interactive exchange to develop results-oriented leadership for the emerging leaders of ABC member firms and the construction industry.

Who is this program for?
We have a proven history: since 2007, nearly 300 people have graduated.
Whether in the field or in the office; from emerging leaders to seasoned professionals, FLiC is designed for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on work and in life.  The shared experiences among participants from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences is one of the features that makes this program unique and impactful.
· Carpenters and VP’s share ideas on conflict resolution.
· Estimators and foremen provide each other with guidance on their ROI projects.
· Technicians brainstorm listening skills with HR professionals.
· Millennials and Baby Boomers enlighten one another.

Program Highlights
Toolbox Tips: Participants (aka “Knowledge Builders”) accumulate, research and share a variety of resources    including assessments, TedTalks, articles and YouTube videos that they can bring back to the field or the office. Collected information will be saved on a USB drive for each participant and provided at the end of the program.
Guest Leaders: Industry leaders have a conversation with participants related to their leadership journey, current trends  and program-related topics.
Return-on-Investment (ROI) Project: Participants develop and pursue a ROI project that directly applies the skills they are working on real-time as the program proceeds.
Relationship Building: This class, as is the industry, is about relationships. These are built through discussions and exercises with classmates, guest leaders, and alumni. Create important relationships that can last a lifetime.
One-on-One Coaching: Short sessions are available for participants upon request to focus on specific concerns or challenges with applying lessons and/or their ROI project.
Consistent themes addressed throughout the program include:
· Leaders vs. Managers—Everyone Can Be a Leader
· Understanding Yourself to Better Understand Others (DiSC)
· Improving Communication and Listening Skills
· Multiple Generations in Today’s Workforce
· Motivating Others Using Effective Coaching and Feedback
· Maintaining a Positive Attitude and Helping Others to do the Same
· Adapting and Dealing with Change

Click here for a list of 2017 Future Leaders in Construction Graduates

What did they have to say?
“FLiC taught me the importance of relationship building and how it directly impacts the work environment as well as the job at hand.”
“Leadership is not about finding the fault with others, it’s more about learning about yourself and looking inward. When I first came to this program I thought it was going to be about how to manage people. I quickly found out that it is more about learning who I am. What are my strengths, weaknesses and areas that I need to work on? In this way I can be a more effective leader.”

NH participants may be eligible for up to 50% off the cost of FLiC and other trainings. Click here to learn about the NH Job Training Funds grant

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