Biden’s Union Giveaway is a Lose-Lose for Taxpayers and NH & VT Hardhats

President Joe Biden’s visit to New Hampshire on Tuesday to tout the benefits of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill will be celebrated by construction union bosses who stand to gain from controversial Biden administration policies. These overreaching policies will cost taxpayers a fortune while undermining critical taxpayer investments in America’s infrastructure.

The Biden administration continues to take a dangerously partisan approach with its union-only policies, meaning New Hampshire and Vermont’s hardworking taxpayers are getting less and paying more. Yet, New Hampshire and Vermont have some of the lowest union rates in the country – because nearly 90% of hardhats choose not to belong to a union. 

Taxpayers would be best served by the adoption of inclusive policies that encourage fair and open competition, which help all of America’s construction industry realize the potential of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021. We cannot rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, increase accountability or reduce waste with PLAs.


Joshua Reap, CEO & President, Associated Builders & Contractors NH/VT, is available for comment and may be reached at 603-717-1282 or