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2017 EIC - Winning Videos

Chairman's Award

Ohrstrom Library, Phase 2 at St. Paul's School.  (Chairman's Award) - SEE VIDEO
-Multi-Weld Services, Inc.-

Mechanical -

Lonza Mono Portsmouth, NH-(Merit Award) SEE VIDEO
-DECCO, Inc.-


Ohrstrom Library, Phase 2 at St. Paul's School. - (Excellence Award) - SEE VIDEO
Multi-Weld Services, Inc.

Environmental Remediation -

Wood Island Life Saving Station- (Excellence Award) - SEE VIDEO

Residential Private Residence Over $1 Million -

Blackey Cove Estate- (Merite Awards) - SEE VIDEO
-Meridian Construction Corporation.

Commercial $2 - $5 Million -

Curriculum Associates Incorporated - (Merit Award) - SEE VIDEO
-Sullivan Construction, Inc.

Commercial $5 - $10 Million -

MC World Headquarters Co., Inc. - (Merit Award) - SEE VIDEO
-Methuen Construction Co., Inc.

Newport Health Center- (Excellence Award) - SEE VIDEO
-Fulcrum Associates

Commercial Over $10 Million -

Scott-Farrar at Peterborough- (Excellence Award) -SEE VIDEO
-The MacMillin Company
Residence Inn by Marriott - Watertown (Excellence Award & Sustainable Building Award) SEE VIDEO

Institutional/Public $2 - $5 Million -

Ohrstrom Library, Phase I & II Renovations at St. Paul's School (Excellence Award) - SEE VIDEO
-North Branch Construction Co., Inc.

Instatutional/Public Over $10 Million -

Regional Training Institute & Barracks Facility (Excellence Award & Sustainable Building Award) - SEE VIDEO
-Eckman Construction Co., Inc.


Brightview Senior Living - Canton (Excellence Award) - SEE VIDEO


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